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‘Staying Alive’

Music stimulates the same part of the brain that keeps our species from extinction

The Nucleus Accumbens is the primitive part of our brain that processes reward and fundamentally motivates us to overcome obstacles in order to access food to stay alive. Theoretically suppression of this area will lead to extinction. Interestingly music stimulates this same primitive area and the last time we checked was not necessary to prevent our extinction.

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‘Totally Addicted to Bass’

Studies show that bass heavy music gives us a sense of power!

Bass heavy music (be it beat or bass guitar) has been shown to give the listener a perceived sense of power according to a study in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science. Music generated three common consequences of power: abstract thinking, a perceived sense of control in various scenarios and the ability to make the first move in competitive situations.

‘This is How We Do it’

Psychologically, music can play a role in altering how we interpret our world

One study showed that after hearing a short piece of music, participants were more likely to interpret a neutral expression as happy or sad, to match the tone of the music they heard.

‘In Utero’

Humans begin processing music whilst still in the womb

When a foetus first starts to develop hearing abilities, low frequency sounds – such as a mothers heartbeat – come through loud and clear, while higher pitched sounds from the outside the womb are muffled. It is most likely that for this reason music has the ability to create a visceral response such as releasing adrenaline and altering our heart rate.

‘Dr. Feelgood’

Music has been shown to be an elixir for fighting tiredness and fatigue

This is pretty cool and you have most probably experienced this at the gym or when you are driving late at night, but listening to music competes for our brains attention and can help us (or our brains) to override the signals of fatigue.

‘Slow and Low’

Moderate volumes and ambient style music increases creativity

Moderate noise levels have been shown to increase processing difficulty which promotes abstract processing and thus leading to higher creativity. However, in high noise levels our creative thinking is impaired because we’re overwhelmed and struggle to process information efficiently.

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Music moves all humans and it has been proven to activate the primitive part of our brain that processes reward to keep our species alive.

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Words: Simon Tokic      Images: Nathan Lee      October 2016

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Like the visual creative cues, as marketers we should be aware of the importance of music when developing rich content. Music helps set tone and mood and should be carefully constructed and selected when developing advertising, blogs and event experience.

Marketers and advertising professionals are always searching for the most effective ways to engage with their prospective audience. Today we are hearing more and more about the emphasis on content and how content is king.

At Mind Methods we believe in best practices with the fundamentals of marketing and simplifying how messages are delivered, as brands have minimal time to engage their audience in today’s noisy world.

Being aware of human behaviour is important, however, understanding ‘why’ humans behave the way they do is powerful. Today, psychology is increasing the awareness of how humans interact and engage with others and the world around them and it’s important that we as marketers understand the changing dynamics of consumer behaviour.

At Mind Methods we love music and thought it would be interesting to share the science of how and why music engages humans. In the office our team share our favourite tunes, playing DJ and we always have a couple of guitars lying around.

We hope you have enjoyed some of our findings.

This video was developed for a new comer to the high fashion world ‘Sokarno’. This rich content was the foundation for showcasing the release of the collection in our recent online advertising campaign.

The Power of Audio in Marketing

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